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The hospitality services industry provides support to a number of other industries, ranging from hotels and restaurants to educational establishments and oil rigs. The industry provides food and drink, and increasingly provides ‘facilities management’, which means services like housekeeping services, linen and security. Hospitality service providers include: travel; business; retail; education; health care; remote and offshore locations; corporate hospitality and executive dining; government and local authority provision; plus leisure venues and events (such as concerts, regattas, sporting events, weddings and parties). The industry overlaps with the food and service management industry, which is an external service provider. Hospitality services are managed ‘in-house’ by, for example, a retailer or local authority.
hospitality service include...


Cleaning a house has more dynamic aspects to cover than what meet the eyes. In a house that you newly moved in, demands more adjustments. From cleaning rooms to cleaning the floors, house cleaning is an extensive task that is to be done with full precision and efficiency. With the latest equipment, skills, and technology, the verified professionals.


The kitchen is a part of house that requires being absolutely neat, clean and hygienic all time of the day. A dirty and unhygienic kitchen can be a home to several diseases. BRIGHT WAY connects you to several kitchen cleaning experts in and around Qatar that can help you maintain your kitchen with ease. We also connect people with commercial kitchen cleaning experts who can clean your space with great standards. The professionals we connect you with are highly skilled, efficient and reliable experts who complete your work strategically under a specific timeline with ease and comfort.


A lot of people like to roam around in their house bare feet. They either feel more comfortable or they don’t want to dirty the floor with slippers and shoes. This is one of the reasons why you truly need your floors to be clean all the time, apart from the obvious reason that you should never live in an unhygienic space. BRIGHT WAY connects you with the best floor cleaning services around you. The hard dust, dirt, and stains that form a thick dogged layer on your floors need to be cleaned with the help of professionals and latest equipment. The services we connect you with, clean all kinds of floors efficiently. To avail the services, contact today!.


We are there one step ahead or with you, you can move anywhere we serve you. Relocation has never been easy especially when you have to manage everything at once. Hire us for exceptional babysitters during traveling.


BRIGHT WAY, a leading online platform, connects you with the best services like restaurant cleaning. The experts we connect you with, are highly proficient in cleaning all kinds of restaurants. Be it of any size or complexity, the companies we suggest you have years of experience and reliable skills in their fields. We make sure your restaurant is up to the quality standards, hygienic, shining and bright enough to make a long-lasting impression in front of the guests.


One of the main drivers of customer satisfaction in hotels and resorts is cleanliness. In order to ensure the proper cleaning of your hotel, BRIGHT WAY connects you with the finest hotel cleaning services in Qatar. Hotel cleaning services consists of an expert management team, dedicated to the needs of the hospitality industry. The hotel-cleaning professionals handle the cleaning chores for you in every area including front lobby areas, guest and employee restrooms, back of house service hallways, kitchens, restaurants and spas. Get in touch with the BRIGHT WAY and avail the best hotel cleaning services efficiently and effectively.

4) Baby sitters

Now hire babysitters as per your convenient time and hours in your newly relocated house. Need an extra helping hand for your child? We are here!
Overnight Child Care
If your work calls for your presence at night or if you are too tired of the sleepless nights in the new town, hire us for best overnight babysitters..


Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles. Laundry processes are often done in a room reserved for that purpose; in an individual home this is referred to as a laundry room or utility room. ... The material that is being washed, or has been laundered, is also generally referred to as laundry.